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Security System

Security System

Security Solution: WEB , EMAIL , DLP , TPA , SVIT, Telecom 5G and Cloud Solution

Services A2Z is a Leader company specialized in Cyber security, SafeGuard users, data and networks against insider threats and outside attackers across the threat lifecycle – in the cloud, on the road , in the office

Telecom 5G Cybersecurity

5G Cybersecurity, and 5G in general, is a new innovative area where Engineering meets Software. Cloud native and more open architectures demolish the traditional boundaries we used to see in networks. Cars talking to one another or to the street traffic lights or Enterprise customers asking their Service Providers to host their employees call processing functions inside their enterprise are just eyeopener examples.

The fact that applications deployed as microservices, that can reside anywhere, makes security and Orchestration open not only to physical infrastructures but also to virtual, private clouds and public clouds. How, for example, to govern an application that does not usually talk to the internet but one of its microservices opens a connection to the internet? From a cybersecurity point of view, the needs for visibility and control are even more challenging as applications microservices will rely heavily on APIs (REST, gRPC, NATs, etc.) to function throughout their lifecycle which dramatically increases the traffic flows in the underlying service mesh. Granular policies like network resource, storage, compute prioritization, privilege, protocols used, etc. are all in the heart of defined resource allocation by policy-driven cybersecurity.

Furthermore, automation and multiple continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines add to the challenges (and opportunities) in 5G deployments.

Finally, this whole software influence environment brings many changes to Operations and people skills. Now, it is more like software end-user experience implying end-to-end responsibility rather than confined to certain blocks then handed over to the next block or network segment. As an example, for this new concept, we are working with some customers to rewrite the Operations job descriptions to include new relevant software skills. A new horizon for people development and innovation.

Security should be viewed as the enabler and has to be, by design, in every step all the way to ensure every line of configuration carries the same intended designs and business targets.